The Lucentra Corporation is dedicated towards being respectful, honest and encouraging to its employees and consumers, with the intent of giving you the best experience possible. Lucentra employees follow a code of conduct, which you can find on the right. With this code, we strive to maintain a healthy and fair environment.

The full code of conduct details the way Lucentra expects its employees to conduct themselves, and may help with any questions you have about conflicts of interest, security and financial integrity. Because we want to be our best for you, we have a high level of professionalism and wish to share our principles with you.

We want to help you with all of your business needs. We know that there are many aspects that allow a user to gain enough trust to put his or her business in another’s hands. When you choose a company, you want to know that it will fulfill your needs and respect your privacy. You want a company who is going to respond to your comments and uphold a respectful, positive workplace. Practical policies and respectful employees make for a great company, so of course all of these traits are important to us.

Lucentra knows these things make for strong bonds with consumers. A strong bond always entails communication, which is why Lucentra also wants to emphasize how important it is to relay your thoughts and ask questions if they should arise. Because of this, don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure of any of Lucentra’s policies. We are always striving to improve, and to do this, input is key.

Though the code of conduct is important, there are many other things you can find here to help you get to know our corporation. On this site, you can find the formal certification of incorporation, which will detail how we deal with shares, common stock, etc., under the laws of the state of New Jersey. You can also read a message from our CEO for our stockholders.

Remember that we committed to working at the highest standards in order to achieve a positive environment. The pages following should give you a much better understanding of who we are and the standards we strive towards, so you are encouraged to look over them.